About Me

I’ve had an interest in Photography ever since I was in High School. I probably should have lost interest when I got run over by a football player while taking pictures for the Yearbook. Yeah, not one of my finer moments! I continued my interest in college by learning more about photography composition and film developing. It was during this time where I really fell in love with Photography and knew I had a knack for it. I started developing my hobby even more in 2003 with the birth of my daughter. I got a great film camera and had tons of fun taking pictures of her. I did a few shoots for family and friends. Then, I got my digital SLR camera for Christmas 2007 and really got goin’! I’ve been loving it ever since! I enjoy helping people feel good about themselves and giving them life-lasting memories of their family and themselves. I’m pretty laid-back and love to have fun! Feel free to kick off your shoes and make yourself comfortable as we do a “photo shoot”!

E-mail me to schedule your next photo shoot or if you have any questions!